14 Things I Remember About My Mommy

  1.  My Mommy loved me very much, and she loved my Daddy too.

  2.  My Mommy loved to laugh.  When she smiled and was happy, it made me happy.

  3. My Mommy loved to rock me when I was a baby and always read me a story at bedtime.  Sometimes I could talk her into more than one book.

  4.  My Mommy loved to sing me “You Are My Sunshine”.

  5.  My Mommy always took such good care of me and made sure I ate my fruits and not so many sweets.  She also wanted me to eat my vegetables and told me as I got older, I would like them more.

  6. My Mommy loved to buy me new clothes and toys.

  7.  My Mommy loved to teach me all about health and bought me the best vitamins to take and gave them to me every morning.

  8. My Mommy loved God and prayed the rosary every day before I was born (when I was still in her tummy) and took special care of herself and especially me.

  9. My Mommy was the prettiest Mommy in the world.

  10.   My Mommy loved to dress up and go to dinner with Daddy and friends.  I may not have known it, but she was always checking with the sitter to see how I was doing.

  11.  My Mommy was always giving me hugs and loved to snuggle.

  12.  My Mommy loved our big house on Howe Lane and had so much fun decorating it and making it our home.

  13.  My Mommy loved our dog Sam and told me the story of how she and Daddy brought Sam home on an airplane when he was a puppy.

  14.  Most of all – my Mommy loved me and was the Best Mom she could be.